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Béa Fertility: At home Fertility Treatment for modern families.

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Béa Fertility have reimagined the fertility care journey. Their clinical grade at home kit makes fertility treatment accessible and affordable, while increasing chance of pregnancy by up to 50% in those under 30 over 6 cycles.

Over the past two years, We are Human worked in close partnership with the team at Béa on their journey to launch.

Bea Fertility

One in six families have difficulty conceiving.

While IVF treatment is a popular option, receiving treatment through the NHS is challenging and restrictive. Only 32% of the country’s IVF cycles and 6% of IUI cycles are funded by the NHS. One round of IVF treatment costs on average £5000 through private healthcare with additional costs for medications. This makes it an unobtainable option for many.

Béa‘s revolutionary at-home kit is set to disrupt the current market. With their affordable, natural and simple solution, they are putting control and intimacy back into the hands of those starting families.


Based on proven fertility treatment; Intracervical Insemination.

The kit allows individuals to perform Intracervical Insemination (ICI) from the privacy of their own home. A semen sample is collected and deposited into the cervical cap of the applicator. The user inserts the applicator into their vagina, where the cervical cap is placed near the cervix for an hour. Holding the semen on the cervical mucus, encourages more sperm to travel towards the egg, improving the chance of conceiving.

We are Human worked closely with Béa Fertility on the development, user testing and validation of the treatment kit. Our consultants conducted expert reviews to reinforce the Use Related Risk Assessment and feed into the development and testing of the Instructions for Use.

Bea Fertility
Bea Fertility
Bea Fertility

User Research and Formative Testing to improve the user experience.

Through Formative Research, We are Human delivered key insights and recommendations to support the iteration and evolution of the treatment kit design.

The Formative and Validation testing took place in viewing facilities at The Human Lab in Bristol. Two experienced consultants from We are Human moderated and took notes. The Béa team observed the users interactions and responses from behind the one way mirror in the viewing theatre. 

During the Validation testing, participants were asked to follow the instructions alongside their use of the kit. A cervical anatomical mannikin was used to demonstrate inserting the applicator into the vagina in a non intrusive, effective and safe way. 

Validating safe and effective use.

The feedback we received during the testing was invaluable in the development and design improvements of the kit. These improvements made for a clear, simple, safe, user friendly experience, reflected in the validation testing.

“It is a really cool product. IVF is really expensive, and the NHS can be difficult, causing emotional strain. This gives people another option.”

“Really cool, easy product. Simple – the design of product has hit the nail on the head.”

“Really easy to use, similar to tampon, a familiar motion”

Due to successful implementation of design changes and user testing the product has successfully launched in the UK. Our team are proud to have worked on this life-changing kit, helping those trying to conceive to create families of their own.

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