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Student Placements with We are Human

Every year we invite students to apply to join us for a placement as part of their year in industry. We offer experience working with our team on client projects across Product Development, Human Factors and User Research.

We were recently joined by student Riess Fernandes as part of her year in Industry studying BSc Product Design & Technology at Loughborough University. We caught up with her to find out what she thought of her placement. 

Reading Time: 3 minutes

How was your experience at We are Human?

I loved my time at We Are Human. The team and the projects I worked on were very interesting and inspiring. The team are enthusiastic about their work and eager to share what they are doing, allowing me to learn about a range of projects.

I was welcomed into the team and felt like I was one of their own for the short time I was there. This made my working experience enjoyable and motivating throughout.

What did you get involved with?

I was fortunate to work on a FemTech study. I was logically guided through the fast-paced user experience study. It was inspiring to see a different side of the design process from beginning to end. 

I enjoyed listening to users’ perspectives in interviews and analysing their answers to develop critical insights about how the product could change for a better user experience.

What have been your biggest learnings?

I have learnt to logically extract key learnings from users’ opinions over a short time and working within a team to maximise our productivity for deadlines.

The study has increased my confidence in my ability and quality of work, as I enjoyed delivering feedback directly to the client.

Has your experience influenced your future working and industry choices?

Yes! In the future I am keen to work in product development for medical and healthcare products, particularly FemTech or other overlooked areas, focusing on user research and input to bridge into the design requirements, allowing real-life problems to be solved.

Would you recommend a placement at We are Human to other students?

Yes, I would 100% recommend this as a student placement.

You are highly responsible for real-life projects that allow your personal and professional skills to develop, which is great for getting a taste of the industry. You also develop a better understanding of the importance of user input in the design process at all stages, ensuring changes being made benefit the end user. Plus, you have a plentiful amount of support from the team around you, this allows you to learn from the different roles within the company. The placement sets you up to be in a good position for your final year and gauging where you want to be in the industry!

Interested in having your student placement working on products in Medical, Healthcare and FemTech as part of your year in industry? We would love to hear from you